Sash Windows

Traditional sliding sash windows


The picture opposite is of a sliding sash window with sash cords and weights constructed in oak with a double glazed unit to meet current building regulations with Pilkington 'K' glass. The window has got oak panelling and oak architraves to surround.

The next two photographs are of softwood sliding sash windows, which have solid double glazed units and a curved glazing bar fitted to the inside and outside. These windows are what we would term as a front fitting sash box window.
The two side sashes will be fixed and the centre one slides, this is done by using sash cords and weights. The weights are made in lead to balance out the weight of a double glazed unit.
This picture is of some standard sash windows that are back fitting, a small glazing bar has been fitted to the front centre of the double glazed unit.

These sash windows have been constructed with spring balances. We now offer sash windows with a spring balance and tilt system, which allows the glass on the outside to be cleaned from the inside this is possible because the windows tilt inwards at the top when released.
This picture is of a bay sash window. The bay window is a refurbishment of the existing window, where we took out the existing sashes or an insert window that had been fitted to the boxes, We then Cleaned down the boxes, refurbished them fitting new sashes to take double glazed units, and also recreating the fascia between the bays with lead detail.

The brickwork around the bays was cleaned and re-pointed by our sister company Cleveland Preservation and Restoration.

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