Fitting traditional cut roof

The picture opposite shows a small lean-to porch with gallows brackets sweeping down to hold the roof up. This has lead flashing and clay pantiles, the porch is stained in a sage green colour.
The next three pictures show some king pin trusses which can be manufactured in Douglas fir, oak or various other timbers to meet customer's requirements.
The trusses shown are manufactured in a fresh sawn oak and all have hand cut tenons and mortices with a pegged joint.
Pictures also show purlings supporting existing roof normally used for barn conversions etc.
The picture opposite shows a oak porch, with a pair of oak gates. The porch is traditionally hand cut oak with morticed and tenoned joints and dowells to hold them together.
The next two pictures show a hand cut roof to a small barn conversion. Most of the existing roof was removed (see second picture showing some support still in the roof). A new roof was built over with an RSJ taking the loadings to form two extra rooms to roof space.
All the original timbers which were removed were marked as they were taken down and re-fitted to the underside of the plasterboard to re-create the original roof. This was carried out because the existing roof was not capable of taking the loads required onto the roof and some of the wall plate had rotted away this was replaced and a new roof fitted.
The next two pictures show some oak trusses and purlings we put in to a barn conversion.
This picture shows a vaulted ceiling in a barn conversion with a chimney breast coming through the roof. We removed the roof and checked for rot and some of the timber was replaced, then the roof was re-thatched.