Traditional Conservatories.


The first two pictures are of a Victorian style conservatory which is double glazed, with a double-glazed, toughened and laminated roof. Constructed in softwood and finished with a white opaque stain.

The conservatory opposite is similar to the one above this conservatory is finished in sage green. These two conservatories come in various colour finishes ranging from a brown stain to white opaque or white glosses to a coloured stain. The roofs can be in either a polycarbonate roof sheet or in a solid glass sheeted roof with either bronzed polycarbonate or tinted glass to windows.
The next pictures are of a conservatory in a blue colour with a gothic arch feature applied to the glass inside and out with deeds showing detail of the gothic arches, these can be supplied with a traditional window fastener or a brass finish fastener.
The next two pictures are of a dark stained conservatory with a cottage style window and again with a glass roof, but is a more modern style with two valleys to each side of roof.






Garden Rooms


The picture opposite is of a garden room constructed in oak with an oak truss in the roof to take the weight of the tiled roof above. This can be done in various timbers and with various styles of roof - this one is a Victorian shape garden room.